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Acton Middle School8

Granbury, TX | Hood County

October 24, 2013

Acton Middle School is outstanding in the fact that the teachers and staff are friendly inside and outside of the school walls. The teachers offer words of encouragement to their students and when correcting them, do it with proper respect. I attend school functions and I'm delighted to see an atmosphere of cooperation and good will toward one another. They also promote kindness among the student body through "Rachel's Challenge" .

December 18, 2008

i love my school, it has challenged me and provided every elective anyone would want.

Submitted by a student

April 9, 2005

Great math dept. Science is not so great. Kids handed Science Fair packet and not given any help. Sports program is poor. Coaches do not know the sport they are coaching. Coaches promise to meet kids before school to work on skills and then don't show up. Not enough teacher supervision in locker rooms and outside. Good students aren't recognized. Parent involvement is good for a Middle School.

Submitted by a parent

October 25, 2004

My son, who is a junior now, started at AMS in 8th grade the first year it opened. He had excellent teachers, top-notch administrators and helpful staff...he thrived here. He's now ranked very high in his class and I believe that the academic excellence stressed by his pre-ap teachers at AMS got him started on the right academic path. My daughter is now a 7th grader at AMS. She's enrolled in all pre-ap classes and doing *very* well...she's challenged, yet has the help she needs when she needs it. I have been *very* disappointed in the new required reading classes for 7th graders. I feel like there isn't a need for this class for every student. I realize that because of increased expectations on the TAKS test, some kids need extra reading help, but not all students do. My daughter could do better having the opportunity to take another elective.

Submitted by a parent

April 23, 2004

My son is in his final 5 weeks in his freshman year. His is the first class to go all the way through AMS. Overall it has been a good experience. I suggest all pre-ap courses. The weak teachers are in the 9th grade and there are just a few. The principal is very open and responsive to parents. Kathy Ramsour, the receptionist is very helpful.

Submitted by a parent

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